Stroke can happen to anybody at any time. Nobody can predict it. Can happen to sick or healthy. Of course if you exercise and eat healthy food, the chances of stroke are lesser.

What happens during stroke: When stroke happens , there is always a lack of blood supply to some parts of the brain and thereby there is loss of neurons. Within seconds of lack of oxygen, the neurons start dying. We humans have over 150 Billion neurons in the brain and the healthy humans about 1 Billion neurons only. If the stroke causes loss of neurons that are from the active one billion, we would have a scenario where active neural pathways are affected. These neural pathways are essential for all the brain function. The dead neurons due to a stroke will be replaced in time , but rebuilding these broken neural pathways need work, a lot of work, means a lot of therapy and also HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen) treatments. These therapies need to activate the neurons around the dead ones, so they take over the function of the dead neurons. We will have to stimulate all of the 5 senses (Taste, Smell, Touch, Auditory and Vision) to force the neighboring healthy neurons to take over the function by becoming part of the broken neural pathways , thereby completing the neural circuit.

We have 3 friends in this process : Frequency, intensity and duration and only one enemy: Time

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