Speech Delay

Speech is not all in the mouth and that is why speech therapy alone is not very successful. For speech, we do the following:

  • Brain Gym and Balance Board so left and Rt brain hemisphere are coordinated and vestibular system is working optimally.
  • Archetype, Feldenkrais, Art and Tactile for sensory integration and proprioception.
  • Ora-Facial , so all the facial reflexes are working as well as also the sensory is integrated inside the mouth and jaw is not tight.
  • Listening program (AIT or Auditory Integration Technique)
  • Masking
  • Logo/Speech therapy

90% of children who have come to us have improved a lot in regards to their speech and understanding. Speech should be spontaneous and meaningful.

Therapy Center For Autism Down's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy