Why most children with Autism lack eye contact?

I am writing this out of my experience in living with my son with Autism of 14 years and 7 years clinical experience with hundreds of children.
Autism is caused by injury/insult to the nervous system. There could be numerous causes of that injury, will discuss in another article. Due to the injury, in many children communication between left and right hemispheres of the brain doesn’t work well. Left hemisphere controls right side of body and right hemisphere controls left side of body. Due to lack of communication between left and right hemisphere, the two eyes don’t work well together and can’t focus on the same object together. This is called lack of eyes convergence, means Brain is unable to merge the two images (one from each eye) into one image. Due to this many children with Autism may see double.  It is not fun to see two pairs of eyes while looking at one’s mom/dad. To avoid the confusion, child avoids eye contact and tries to block his one eye with his nose by turning head to the left or right and looking from the corner of his other eye. Due to lack of convergence, many children with Autism can’t see 3D (depth) and only see in two dimensions. Since they cant see depth, many children with autism cant point at objects, cant catch fast moving balls and cant run down the stairs like a well child.
Lack of eyes convergence, results in reading problems, writing problems, slow learning and social interaction becomes impossible in many.
Above is based on my clinical experience and I believe it is true because we have developed interventions at IIAHP based on this belief/experience and we have been successfully able to bring improvements in most of children who come to us for therapy. Children develop eye contact, even strabismus gets cured, they become less hyper, start getting engaged with peers, their smile comes back, there is immense improvement in gross and fine motor, speech starts improving, they learn to read and do math’s. Basically they embark upon a journey to become well.

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