Benefits of HBOT

  1. To fight infection: A fully oxygenated body will kill off any anaerobic bacteria, and will enhance the effectiveness of some antibiotics.
  2. To oxygenate ischemic tissue: Breathing oxygen under pressure dissolves more O2 into your body, oxygen is then delivered by plasma, which means parts of your body that are not getting sufficient amounts of blood are still getting sufficient amounts of oxygen.
  3. To “off gas”: By breathing 100% oxygen under pressure, toxic gases like carbon monoxide are forced out of the blood stream which greatly reduces the damage done by them.
  4. To promote vasoconstriction: Hyperbaric treatments causes the circulatory system to constrict, while still delivering sufficient amounts of oxygen, which helps in treating compartment syndrome by reducing edema, and reducing inflammation.
  5. To promote vasculogenesis and angiogenesis: HBOT induces growth factors in stem cells to help them differentiate and begin the formation of new blood vessels.
  6. To regain neurological function: HBOT stimulates blood flow, metabolism, and tissue growth in people with brain injuries. This reawakens dormant but living cells surrounding the injured area.
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