Autism : Genes or a Brain Injury

We believe that there is an injury to the brain and based on the symptoms, doctors give any of the following names/diagnosis: Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, AutismHyperactive, ADD, ADHD, Development Delay, Learning Disabled, Slow Learner, etc.


If the injury is in the Cortex part of brain, we have a child with low cognition also called Mentally Retarded. If the injury in the mid brain (Cerebellum),  we have a child with Cerebral Palsy as mid brain controls the motor coordination of limbs. If the injury is such that child perceives touch either too much (Hyper) or too less (Hypo), and the child’s vision is compromised (divergent or convergent strabismus, no depth perception, double vision, etc), and the child’s hearing is disturbed (Slow Response Time, Painful Hearing, Auditory Selectivity, Auditory Distortion, Auditory Dyslaterality, etc). These children cannot trust their Tactile Sense, Vision or Hearing, rather just smell everything and are most likely diagnosed as Autistic because they withdraw in their own shell.


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