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Cerebral Palsy

A Rehabilitation and Therapy center, and Learning Enhancement School for the brain injured children and adults (includes brain damaged, mentally retarded, mentally deficient , cerebral palsied, epileptic, autistic, athetoid, hyperactive, attention deficient disorder, developmentally delayed, down's syndrome child, mongoloid child). first time in india – we use the latest therapies used in europe and usa that bring fast results. therapies from europe and usa.

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Vision and Mission Statement

Cerebral Palsy

To provide the latest and the best therapies available in the world based on the latest research in the human brain development, to put the children back on the right neurological developmental path/track so they can start progressing like a typical child.

Our Testimonials

IIAHP is such a centre whose therapies has given us fully satisfaction. Before 2 years when we brought our child here, he was having behavior problem, speech problem, poor understanding , minor Autism. These therapies are really very effective and result giving. We have seen lots of improvement in our child specially in understanding. His mostly behavior issues, autism problems are solved. Speech is also improved. We are really thankful to this centre for a perfect treatment.
IIAHP is such a centre whose therapies has given us fully satisfaction. A child has any kind of problem either brain, speech, physical. All are treated here. we have seen a lot of improvements in every child specially in understanding. These therapies are really very effective and problem solving.


We as parents are very much satisfied with the therapies used in IIAHP. We are really thankful to the institute for their work. we had seen tremendous changes (improvements) in our wards. Therapies are very unique and faithful children are handle with great care and love.
When we came here, our child was having so many problems like speech problem, poor fine motor movements ,used afraid from sounds etc. Because of down syndrome. but with regular therapies we had seen improvements in almost every field. we are fully thankful to the IIAHP for their great work.


Good morning,
This is regarding feedback on treatment of Arya Bhatnagar undergoing at IIAHP:
Arya treatment was started from 19 AUG'14. Till date we had observed improvement with respect to stiffness and activeness. Stiffness reduced a lot & more active through out day. We are satisfied with respect to care that has been taken at you institution. We had attended first home plan & following accordingly at home for better & fast improvements. We really appreciate the methodology & support provided by your institution.
Thanks & Regards
Abhinav Bhatnagar
F/O Arya Bhatnagar


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We use many internationally successful methods, including:

  • » Feldenkrais Method
  • » Masgutova Method
  • » Dr Kaplan's Prism Therapy
  • » Balance Board
  • » Brain Gym
  • » Audio Visual
  • » Ora-Facial
  • » Archetype
  • » Neuro Therapy
  • » Art Therapy
  • » Tactile Therapy
  • » Re-Pat for reflex integration
  • » Blomberg Method
  • » Handle
  • » Dr Guy Berard's and Dr Tomatis Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT)
  • » HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy
  • » Reading Program
  • » Mathematics Program
  • » Time and Money Program
  • » RDI
  • » Law Program and Civil Code
  • » Nutrition, Supplements and Diet
  • » Homeopathy
  • » Music Therapy

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(We are in no way affiliated nor trained by the institute for the Achievement of Human Potential(, Philadelphia (established 1955) or Mr.Glenn Doman to use their methods. We do not use nor prescribe any of their methods of treatment.)