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Cerebral Palsy

A Rehabilitation and Therapy center, and Learning Enhancement School for the brain injured children and adults (includes brain damaged, mentally retarded, mentally deficient , cerebral palsied, epileptic, autistic, athetoid, hyperactive, attention deficient disorder, developmentally delayed, down's syndrome child, mongoloid child). first time in india – we use the latest therapies used in europe and usa that bring fast results. therapies from europe and usa.

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Vision and Mission Statement

Cerebral Palsy

To provide the latest and the best therapies available in the world based on the latest research in the human brain development, to put the children back on the right neurological developmental path/track so they can start progressing like a typical child.

Our Testimonials

Thank you, IIAHP team for enabling so many amazing changes in such a short amount of time!

Nancy and Harold Hutsell

The work we did at the IIAHP Clinic was truly life changing...


The most valuable part of this experience was learning how to do the therapy myself, and be able to continue this program at home...

J. Collins

We've seen more improvements in our son's autistic symptoms during the past 10 months than we've seen in all of the years since his diagnosis almost 9 years ago.

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We use many internationally successful methods, including:

  • » Feldenkrais Method
  • » Masgutova Method
  • » Doman Method
  • » Dr Kaplan's Prism Therapy
  • » Balance Board
  • » Brain Gym
  • » Audio Visual
  • » Ora-Facial
  • » Archetype
  • » Neuro Therapy
  • » Art Therapy
  • » Tactile Therapy
  • » Re-Pat for reflex integration
  • » Blomberg Method
  • » Handle
  • » Dr Guy Berard's and Dr Tomatis Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT)
  • » HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy
  • » Reading Program
  • » Mathematics Program
  • » Time and Money Program
  • » RDI
  • » Law Program and Civil Code
  • » Nutrition, Supplements and Diet
  • » Homeopathy
  • » Music Therapy

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