Welcome to IIAHP Organization

A Rehabilitation and Therapy center, and Learning Enhancement School for the brain injured children and adults (includes brain damaged, mentally retarded, mentally deficient , cerebral palsied, epileptic, autistic, down’s syndrome) etc..


Autism is estimated to affect one in every 150 births in America.

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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy  is the complete or partial loss of motor control due to injury to…

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Hyperactive Child

Children can be hyperactive for many reasons. There is an insult/injury to …

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Down´s Syndrome

By now the reader should be aware that I do not believe that things have to remain…

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Speech Delay

I am yet to meet a child whos speech is delayed and everything else is perfect.

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Brain Damaged

We believe that there is an injury to the brain and based on the symptoms

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Vision and Mission Statement

To provide the latest and the best therapies available in the world based on the latest research in the human brain development, to put the children back on the right neurological developmental path/track so they can start progressing like a typical child.we use the latest therapies used in Europe and USA that bring fast results.

Special Therapies

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What Parents Say About Us

Our Goals & Objectives

The International IIAHP Charitable Trust is a nonprofit charitable Trust that provides therapies to help Brain Injured Children heal to become normal well human beings.

Our goal is to improve intellect, physical abilities and social abilities of the special child. We want them to become well like any other normal child. The special child should read, write, speak, hear , see, feel touch, move as good as a well neuro-typical child.

We do accept severe children also, and do our best so they become well.

Where there is life there is hope.

We need to give the special children an excellent chance to become well. Our therapies provide exactly that.

In special children, the brain development and growth has either has slowed down or stopped due to injury to the brain. However our therapies can speed up the brain development and growth, putting back the child on track to catch up with his/her peers.

Our therapies increase the visual, auditory and tactile stimulation to the brain. Based on the child needs, we adjust the frequency, intensity and duration of the stimulation.

We also work on gross and fine motor skills, language and speech development.


(We are in no way affiliated nor trained by the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential (iahp.org), Philadelphia (established 1955) or Mr.Glenn Doman to use their methods. We do not use nor prescribe any of their methods of treatment.)